After starting the 600cc Go-Kart project, I had the GX200 engine just laying around, this meant that we had to do something with it. So we did. We “found” two shopping karts, and bought a childs kart chassis + another gx160 engine.
Fused the two shopping karts into one, much longer one and sat on top of the gokart chassis, which was later heavily modified and stiffened up. 

We started by rebuilding the gx200 with brand new bearings, seals, piston kit, stiffer valve springs and a head from the gx160 to bump up the compression ratio 8.5:1 to 10:1. Ohh, and we used 17.5mm scooter carb for some time -DellOrto unit notch shit

Had to notch the replacement piston as the skirt touched the crank webs – easy fix there tho.

Once the engine was done, it was time to run it as high as it will. Well it did 8500rpm which for the stock is way more than fine. (scared about the rod tho)

With that all good, it was time to assemble the kart. This was the first version – using cheap ebay clutch.

Not long after we blew our first rod, not so because of stress, but because someone drove the kart with no oil what so ever. Ohh and we now are using a wet clutch with 2:1 gear reduction. But we still had the rod from the 160, so swapped that in and it was running again.

Next thing on the list was a turbo and sleeves on rear wheels, so now we had a drifting turbo shopping kart with an hydraulic hand brake – epic. The turbo did nothing but make sututu sounds at this stage – just for show.

We also brought the shopping kart to the AutoShow Denmark.

Then came time to boost a little and just have fun in it…also get some burgers in it 😀

Move back to Latvia and was stored at Drifta Halle were Janis Baumanis filmed one of his QUIZ TIME videos in it.

After that, once we opened Moto Studija it was time to upgrade the shopping kart once again, now with a huge carb setup.

Too bad it did not last, on the day we dialled in the Air/Fuel mixture, the old GX160 rod said hello – destroying the old gx200 block completely.

Therefore the decision to buy a brand new clone gx210 and forged ALU CNC rod came into place.

Since then the turbo has blown, engine is still fine and the kart is in working condition. I will film an update sometime soon.

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