PORTFOLIO / 2010 — 2023


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Well this is a short one but a fun one. This build started as they all do – I got a brand new 80cc 2 stroke chinese bike motor kit for free in exchange of helping this one dude out, so…again, I had a motor and had to put it to some good use. So I did. 
I mounted it into a 1960s Puch womens bicycle. It was gross, with the wheels permanently welded on, engine mounts from hell and the brake system held on with hopes and dreams.

It did run and run great tho. I had a blast tuning and experimenting with the bike. Skimmed the head, ported the cylinder to oblivion, then replaced it with a brand new one, ported that, put on a scooter race pipe, 17.5mm scooter carburettor, even went as far as 3D printed a housing for scooter intake valve.
It all resulted in a 1960s bike with shit brakes, weld on wheels, and chassis rigidity of a cheese topping out at 80+km/h and taking on hills like a boss. It was too expensive to bring it to Latvia so I did what every sensible human being would do and revved it till it died. 

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